christmas = new camera toys for tracy

new lens for meeeee!!!!! its the best. went to visit my Granny in her old people's home today. sad. she has alzheimers. but for real...my nephew is the best. i know i ALWAYS take pictures of him, but he's just so cute and smiley!


Bailey Family

Ashley's sister and her cute family asked me to take some pictures for them. 2nd family shoot i've ever done.....i think they turned out ok?

beck family photos

took these awhile ago - my sister trusted me enough to let me experiment with her family. i don't know how to take pictures of people really - hopefully taking my photos of my family will help me get better.



listen to kaki king.

art final. i don't draw good.

i think if i tried harder i could take cooler pictures. but its just so nice to be lazy and lay around watching grey's anatomy all day.


BYU Photo Program=These photos

i'm not sure i really think these are my top 10 best photo's but hey, they got me into the program so i must have been doing something right.


turns out i got into the BYU photo program.

imagine that....

so now what should i do?