Waters Family | Utah Family Photographer

Loved this cute little family. 
Baby Tate is so adorable. 


Karen&Alvin {Engagements} | Utah Wedding Photographer

So I tried to take this cute couple up to Mirror Lake in the Uinta's but little did I know the road doesn't open until May. I was pretty sad, but we found some great locations on the open part of the road up to Mirror Lake. I love the huge pine trees so much! Mostly I just love the any type of forrest. 
Now please enjoy this woodsy engagement session! 



I was out in California last month for a wedding and was able to stay with my Great Uncle Ernie and his wife Ruthanne. It was so fun getting to know more of my extended family. I had met my Great Uncle before, but not since I was probably 2 or 3 years old. I got to hear all about my Grandma growing up and what life was like for them in a small town in New Mexico. It was so fun! They have a beautiful garden - I'd never seen an artichoke plant before, they're so pretty. And my Aunt Ruthanne has tables full of these incredible orchids. Her and Ernie both have quite the green thumbs. I even got to snap a few photos of this cute couple that has been married for over 50 years. 


Think Warm Thoughts

I'm hoping that by thinking warm thoughts Spring will come faster!