Christensen Family

Other than the cold, this shoot was so much fun! 
The little girl, Esther, is adorable! 
What a cute family! 


Rachel&Aaron Engagements

Rachel & Aaron are such a great couple!

 I worked with Rachel at Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory for a few years, and she is so funny and so nice! I love her! Aaron is a lucky guy! 

can't wait to shoot their wedding in December -- also look out for her bridals (they should be up within the week)


Quintessentially Yours

Check it out -- Shayla & Nick's wedding is featured on a blog today!  Its called Quintessentially Yours -- its a great website and features tons of LDS weddings. So if you're looking for ideas, check out this blog! 

and because i haven't posted in awhile, here's a sneak peak of my beautiful friend Rachel and her Fiance Aaron's engagement session!


Bacon Family

The Bacon's were so fun to shoot! 
It was freezing cold though, I felt so bad for their cute little boy -- he was freezing! So we rushed the shoot to keep him from getting a cold, but rushing it was fine cause they all turned out great!