Ich bin ein Berliner!!!

yes that actually means...i am a jelly doughnut. Not i am a berliner. You'd think thats what it means...but you would be wrong.

so here is my schedule:
7:30am - Wake up
8:00am - Leave to catch the train
8:30am - German for 5 year olds starts
1:00pm - SCHOOLS OUT!
1:00pm till 6-9pm -- Wander around Berlin --- Go to museums, eat chocolate, get crepes, buy some candy, go to H&M, get some ice cream, go see some sights, make dinner with friends
9:00pm - Facebook/Gmail/Blog/Homework/Shower
12:00pm - BEDTIME

My days are really cool, huh?

Germany has a smell. Sometimes its a good smell, and sometimes its a bad smell. But it has a specific smell. Kind of like delicious treats (crepes, ice cream, pastries...etc.) mixed with beer, smoke and possibly some pee.

A story about smelling:
The other night a group of us got together for dinner, we figured out that cooking for 7 people is a lot cheaper than cooking for 1. weird. So we made this German dish called (Rochletta??) or something like that....this meal includes potatoes, broccoli, onions, corn, carrots, ham and Cheese -- one of the smelliest cheese's your nostrils have ever smelled -- so we make this dinner and eat it. YUM! it was good.

We then go home via trains and buses. My friend David and I get on a U-Bohn and are just chatting away when we look around only to see everyone on the bus all of a sudden start freaking out and covering their noses -- people start coughing and spraying things and pulling out lotion, one guy even opens all the windows on the underground train. We look at each other confused wondering..."What is that smell? I don't smell anything...." We continue talking and blame the smell on a baby down the way from us who we think probably pooped its pants or something to that effect.

That was 3 days ago, and today I decided to wear the same black jeans I wore on Saturday. (Yea sorry i haven't done my laundry yet....i am too lazy and don't know how to work the machine) ANYWAY -- i'm sitting in class today and realize that my pants WREAK!!! like stinky cheese and all of a sudden it dawns on me, "WE WERE THE SMELLY ONES ON THE TRAIN!"



How many planes does it take to get Tracy to Berlin?


True Statement.
I should never be allowed to buy plane tickets again.

Here was my flight plan:

1…SLC – Denver
2…Denver – Montreal (who knew that was in Quebec?? Apparently not me)
[luggage lost here]
3…Montreal – London
4…London – Barcelona
5…Barcelona – Casablanca
6…Casablanca – Agadir
[5 days later]
7…Agadir – Casablanca
8…Casablanca – Madrid [10 hour over night layover – my favorite!]
9…Madrid – London
10...London – Berlin

I know I know, you guys kind of wish you were me, right? I mean who doesn’t love sitting in an Airport for 2 days straight…?

I did mean some funny people on my flights though. From Denver to Montreal the guy sitting next to me did not like me at all – I coughed once (ok maybe like 4 times) and every time I got remotely close to him he would jerk away and make sure that we didn’t touch at all. It was comedy.

Montreal to London I sat by 2 colleger Canadian boys and couldn’t understand him when he say “about” and also didn’t realize that Montreal was part of Quebec….yea I’m not the brightest when it comes to Canadian Providences (I mean provinces…?) I’m pretty sure he thought I was a little bit of a fool, but oh well.

Agadir to Casablanca met a Saudi Arabia dude who used to live in Seattle and knew that Utah is where the Mormons live and how he had heard that Utah Mormons are the prettiest girls in the world. [dang right]

In the airport in Madrid [where I am at the moment] I ate at a burger place – I miss my homeland food – and sat across from this dude who was having a very animated conversation with the person sitting across from him….only problem was, there was no one sitting across from him. I love the people watching in airports!

2 more flights and I’m in BERLIN!!!!!!!!

so stoked!

Ja deutcsh ist sehr toll! Ich liebe Deutschland!!!!!


Lost my luggage in London – check
Luggage never came – check
Got a Moroccan tan – check
Got told I had a “beautiful body” on the beach – check
Smell like a dirty dirty person from Moroccan who has been sitting out in 100degree weather for a week now – don’t know if that smell will wear off - check
Helped Kelsey escape the country – check
Threw down like Liam Nesson on Taken and did what we had to do to get Kelsey out of Taghazout – check
Let her leave the country without telling anyone that she was leaving – check
Still wondering how we did that and how we got away with it – now she’s on to London/Ireland for 3 weeks – jealous much…. I sure am! - check
Was a Vegetarian all week! – check
Paradise Valley – check
Essaouria – check
Went to a Hammam and received a bath from a Moroccan woman – check (best bath I ever did have too!)
Ate amaloo (fresh almond/peanut butter) everyday? – check
Wore the same outfit (basically) for a week straight – check
Moroccan drivers – all over the road – almost crashed approximately 13 times daily – check
Ate an entire loaf of Moroccan bread everyday – check
Had withdrawals from lack of Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factroy - CHECK
Bought an 8gb SD card for my camera at a market – took over 1000 pictures on it – only to find out about 1/2 of them disappeared – never buy electronics outside of Best Buy - check
Coolest Moroccan hand made leather boot moccasins – bought those – check
Rented a car for 3 days – as stated above…..driving in Africa is quite the experience…..check
Almost ran out of gas 2 hours outside of town – Kelsey stopped to ask someone – they gave us a metal tank of gas and expected us to know what to do – and then laughed at us for like 10 minutes until we realized this wasn’t what we were looking for – check
Yoga on the beach in a sweet gazebo open to the ocean – check
Hot good looking gorgeous European surfer boys – check
Started saying things like, “I reckon….” “I’m just on a quick Holiday” referring to friends as “mates” and going down then up and the end of my questions in an English type way – hung out with to many Brits/Aussies – check
Met a beautiful Swiss Boy and tried my best to speak German sweet nothings to him….didn’t work – check


( I feel like I should put prices next to each thing on my check list and at the end say something super cliché, such as…..“Trip to Morocco – PRICELESS” but I think that might be going a little too far)