Lost my luggage in London – check
Luggage never came – check
Got a Moroccan tan – check
Got told I had a “beautiful body” on the beach – check
Smell like a dirty dirty person from Moroccan who has been sitting out in 100degree weather for a week now – don’t know if that smell will wear off - check
Helped Kelsey escape the country – check
Threw down like Liam Nesson on Taken and did what we had to do to get Kelsey out of Taghazout – check
Let her leave the country without telling anyone that she was leaving – check
Still wondering how we did that and how we got away with it – now she’s on to London/Ireland for 3 weeks – jealous much…. I sure am! - check
Was a Vegetarian all week! – check
Paradise Valley – check
Essaouria – check
Went to a Hammam and received a bath from a Moroccan woman – check (best bath I ever did have too!)
Ate amaloo (fresh almond/peanut butter) everyday? – check
Wore the same outfit (basically) for a week straight – check
Moroccan drivers – all over the road – almost crashed approximately 13 times daily – check
Ate an entire loaf of Moroccan bread everyday – check
Had withdrawals from lack of Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factroy - CHECK
Bought an 8gb SD card for my camera at a market – took over 1000 pictures on it – only to find out about 1/2 of them disappeared – never buy electronics outside of Best Buy - check
Coolest Moroccan hand made leather boot moccasins – bought those – check
Rented a car for 3 days – as stated above…..driving in Africa is quite the experience…..check
Almost ran out of gas 2 hours outside of town – Kelsey stopped to ask someone – they gave us a metal tank of gas and expected us to know what to do – and then laughed at us for like 10 minutes until we realized this wasn’t what we were looking for – check
Yoga on the beach in a sweet gazebo open to the ocean – check
Hot good looking gorgeous European surfer boys – check
Started saying things like, “I reckon….” “I’m just on a quick Holiday” referring to friends as “mates” and going down then up and the end of my questions in an English type way – hung out with to many Brits/Aussies – check
Met a beautiful Swiss Boy and tried my best to speak German sweet nothings to him….didn’t work – check


( I feel like I should put prices next to each thing on my check list and at the end say something super cliché, such as…..“Trip to Morocco – PRICELESS” but I think that might be going a little too far)


  1. I am so jealous of this trip and your weird people post on way to germany. i miss traveling and travleing with people who live in the country is so much sweeter. so jealous!

  2. wait? what happened to kelsey? broke down palace? so huh. I want a holliday! :( but I don't care to be bathed by a morrocan woman. almond pb sounds delicious and you guys sound super adventerous. (sp)