this place is prison

i ordered lomography film a while ago and just barely got it developed.
look forward to seeing more film shoots from st george and hawaii.

i love film!!


Kauai Adventures part 2

Hiking, chickens, trees, beaches, 300 ft waterfall

Kauai Adventures

spouting horn, waterfalls, queens bath, people


fish eye Kauai

i love to play around with my fish eye lens.

We were just cruising around the island and i just had my camera out the window the whole time (thus the blurry images)

but they're still fun!
(I really like trees and clouds if you can't tell by now)

Na Pali Coast Boat Tour

On our honeymoon to Kauai, we took a boat/raft tour all around the Na Pali Coast.

These pictures do not even compare to how amazing the actual coast is. If you ever get the chance, you must go there!

It's beautiful!