the little ones

thats right FAMILY
i am no longer the little one
these people below are littler than i am
so i guess now i'm back to "noonie" or "ploppy"


  1. ha ha, well that can be arranged... but if i were you i'd prob. rather be called the little one over ploppy! ha ha. thanks for those photos! You may have saved me $75 because I love that picture of mill on the stairs, yes it is silly, but so is she... maybe now I won't have to pay to get her 2 yr. photos! hey, why didn't I think of that while I was there, have you do a photo session. I'd pay you! maybe over christmas?

  2. i love babies. Especially these adorable ones. And I love when you blog.

  3. eeek i'm in love with these children.