yoga ballerina

Kelsey teaches yoga at 3B in Provo
but she has been a dancer since she was like 5 probably
the point shoes were her idea [good idea kels!]
thanks thanks thanks kelsey for being my model!

maybe i'll get an A on this assignment
[forget the fact that my actual assignment is in black&white and i had to develop everything myself, and while film may be more fun than digital it is far less forgiving....]

but hey, isn't she great? look what she can do with her body! its crazy!


  1. i love these pictures.
    so beautiful and clean.

  2. Beautiful!!! If you need more action shots/poses, I can offer my skills as a washed up, out of shape, fatty ex-gymnast. Anything for you.

  3. these are so amazing! so so amazing and creative. i love these!