me? getting married?

its true! who would have guessed! not me ---
now my name will be Tracy HILL and i will no longer have to deal with trying to write christiansen in cursive.....or accidentally writing merry christiansen! or tracy christmas when the holidays come around.

oh and i get to marry this guy..... he so cute. i like him.


just a 3am side note.....

technical difficulty:
turns out colors on Mac computers are different than on PC's
So if you're viewing my blog on a PC it probably looks very boring.....
oops! i'm sorry!
I just learned how to change the colors so hopefully soon it will look more visually appealing to all [23] of you viewers, well those of you without Mac's.
[which is also something sad that we may discuss later and i will convince you to convert to the apple world]

i know i am not that professional of a photographer but hopefully i will get better
and in the mean time if anyone out there wants [cheap] photos of themselves, or their family, or their babies/kids, or their weddings, or mostly just anything that you want pictures of and are willing to pay me to take them.......

that'd be great! HIRE ME!
i have no set prices so pretty much anything you want to pay me at this point would be great.
i'm bored of my job and want something more fun to do

thanks and that is all.

oh my email address is on the side if you want to contact me.

yoga ballerina

Kelsey teaches yoga at 3B in Provo
but she has been a dancer since she was like 5 probably
the point shoes were her idea [good idea kels!]
thanks thanks thanks kelsey for being my model!

maybe i'll get an A on this assignment
[forget the fact that my actual assignment is in black&white and i had to develop everything myself, and while film may be more fun than digital it is far less forgiving....]

but hey, isn't she great? look what she can do with her body! its crazy!


a frozen world

snow covered everything.

days like this make me think the freezing cold might just be worth it...
even though i stood outside for an hour until my hands were completely numb.

oh well. i had fun

Ollie Pop turned 1!!!!

Oliver Charles Beck turned 1 year old on January 25.
he's a cutie and i'm sure glad he's my nephew

my sister, kelly, threw him a super cute monster themed birthday.
the cupcakes were delicious! i couldn't eat the cake, cause it was too cute and i didn't want to take part in ruining it.
can't wait till this little guy and walk and talk! hopefully its soon!

and also a good picture of me and kyle both looking very attractive. mmm


school is dead to me

school is way too boring right now
and i have zero motivation to do anything, especially homework

mostly just because
i wish i were in africa with this boy