Merriman Family | Utah Family Photographer

I shot this family's photo's last year. 
I was so happy when Mandy contacted me again this year to take their photos. 
Their little boy, Jake, has grown so much in the past year. 
He is adorable! 
He wasn't very happy with me wanting to follow him around and take photos, 
but luckily he has great parents who cheered him up and got him to smile in almost every photo! 
His mom, Mandy, has a very popular food blog. 
She makes delicious food and I LOVE seeing all the new things she cooks. 
I almost wish we had just traded photos for a few of her meals and desserts. 
Bet my husband would love that! 
(I cook a lot, but I'm positive Mandy's recipes are a bit more delicious than my own)
You'll definitely find some great recipes to try!