I am definitely not a fashion photographer. 
But for a class assignment a few weeks ago, we had to do a fashion shoot.
I couldn't find any models in time, so this is what I came up with instead. 
It was pretty fun! I got to go shopping and just play with outfits all day. :) 


  1. i LOVE this!!! these are so good tracy!

  2. going shopping for an assignment? Let's trade lives. these are gorgeous outfits, too! where are they all from??

  3. GORGEOUS! These belong on the Anthropologie website! Where did you get the pink and yellow pumps?

  4. these turned out so good! way to go t-race.

  5. Melissa the shoes were just borrowed from my sister and my friend Meg, so I'm not sure where they are from. and Laura, the yellow blazer is from Banana Republic and the pink polka dot pants are from Gap, the rest are mostly from Urban, Forever 21, Nordstrom and Target. I'm so happy all of you guys like these photos!