Laura&Dylan {Engagements} | Utah Wedding Photographer

Laura&Dylan are such troopers. It rained their entire (1st) session! And then when we finally got into Park City, it started snowing (the last week of April and it was a full blown blizzard!). So we ended up having two sessions - which worked out great because it didn't rain or snow the second time! 
But seriously, this couple is awesome!
They are both artists, so they brought along some of the most adorable colored pencils and watercolors i've ever seen. Laura is a theater/film major so I suggested she bring one of her film cameras - she brought this awesome Super 8 camera. I was a little jealous and kinda wish I had one for myself.
I can't wait to shoot the rest of their  wedding!  
and here is proof of the blizzard...


  1. So cute! I love all the props! These pictures I think really do tell you so much about their personalities. :) They are beautiful!

  2. This is the cutest engagement session! Nice work, Tracy - this couple is so adorable, and the props are so darling.