Meals of the Day Cook Book

So for my final project in my Color Photography class, I made a cookbook! These will be presented in a handmade portfolio book, so they'll actually look a lot better once they're printed and in the book. (I realize they look kinda squished right now...but i promise they don't look like that in real life)

I LOVE cooking and I kinda like taking pictures too....ha so I decided to combine the 2 this semester! I had so much fun cooking and trying to create things. 

I may have "stolen" some of the recipes but I changed a lot of them to become my "own." (I think you only have to change 2 or 3 ingredients to make it your own?) 

But I hope you enjoy! and maybe even try of few of the recipes! (oh but wait, some of the recipes aren't complete (cheesecake&crepes) because I ran out of space....so if you want the full recipe of any of these meals...contact me! ) 


Mid-Morning Snack


Afternoon Snack




  1. they look so good! i love the colors of the fruit and cheese platter!

  2. Yum, everything looks so delicious and is plated so beautifully. You are seriously so talented in so many types of photography. Any way I can get a copy of all of those??? Especially the cheesecake!

  3. LOVE IT! josh was way impressed too! It all looks so pretty! love the first too, and the last one especially!

  4. My eyes and tummy are both thoroughly impressed! somehow i missed this post awhile ago...