Kelsey&Isaac Wedding | Utah Wedding Photographer

Okay, here is my beautiful best friend, Kelsey and her handsome HUSBAND Isaac. 
I'm sure you remember their Bridals, but if you haven't seen them - click here.
I didn't photograph Kelsey & Isaac's wedding ceremony (it was gorgeous! and not to mention i was crying like a baby the whole time), but the very talented Kiera Eve did. She hasn't posted the photos yet, but they turned out beautiful so Click Here if you want to check out Kiera's other work. 
Kelsey's mom worked so hard on all the decorations for the reception, and they turned out sooo so great! 
They had delicious cakes from The Chocolate and cute glass milk jars to go along with your cake. Her brother made a 'cheese' cake (it was literally made out of 3 huge rounds of cheese!) And her very talented new in-laws provided piano music the entire reception! 
I'm so happy for this couple!! I love them both so much! 

Wedding BBQ - Smore's for dessert with lavender marshmallows and homemade graham crackers!!! YUM!
Wedding Day Luncheon at Communal 
Reception at Utah County Courthouse

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